Over 4500 Inspections Since 1997
About NICK

Nick Sung, P.E. has been involved with residential design, construction, engineering and inspections his entire life. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado in 1988. Immediately after college, he designed structural framing systems for homes and small commercial buildings at an international wood truss company.

Nick obtained his Professional Engineering License in 1992 and began performing Home Inspections full-time in 1997. He has since inspected over 4500 homes in the central Ohio area.

In addition, Nick has attained the highest level of Certification with the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). ASHI is the oldest, largest and most respected professional society of home inspectors in North America.

Further, NICK SUNG ENGINEERING, LLC is registered with the Ohio Board of Professional Engineers as a full-service engineering company.

Lately, Nick has been enjoying being a new dad with his twins. Click here for our youtube channel of Nema and Logan videos.

7457 Bloomfield Pl., Dublin, OH 43016             Cell: (614) 316-4655             Email: nick@nicksungengineering.com
Not all "Engineers" are Created Equal

Many people like to throw around the word "Engineer".   But, Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) is a legally protected title such as M.D.  Taking a few engineering classes, earning an engineering degree or working at an engineering company are not enough to qualify as a Licensed P.E.  Beware when someone claims that they are an "Engineer" without using the P.E. designation.  Also, the type of engineering specialty makes a difference.  Mechanical Engineers may not be qualified to evaluate Structural issues.  While, other types of Engineers may not have any background for residential home inspections at all.
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